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LYSANNE - Créatrice d'émerveillement


It's me lysanne the magic artist

I am a self-taught painter and this adventure started in a surprising way ...

In 2012 I was in an apartment and I found that my walls were sorely lacking in color. So I decided to buy myself some material to create some paintings myself. It was a revelation for me, I loved painting and my friends even wanted to buy my paintings!

Over time I perfected my technique and found my own style to specialize in portraits of women (my Lady) and animals in clothes (my Gentleman).


My paintings are distinguished by the textures, the effects of transparency and the contrasting colors which form a true vitamin cocktail for the brain.

After 8 years of painting, this hobby has turned into a real passion which is now my full-time job since 2019. Having a background in graphic design, I am very proud to be able to create all my content (website, leaflets, greeting cards, posters, videos ...).

My mission as an artist is to create a moment of happiness where time stops for a moment. To nourish the brain with vibrant colors. In my paintings, nature and animals merge and are in harmony to remind us that we are a whole.

Looking forward to putting some magic in your life!



La psychologie des couleurs

D'ailleurs en 2021 j'ai complété la formation de 10 semaines "Couleur intensive" donnée par Marie-Chantal Millet, une des rares expertes couleur au  monde et fondatrice de Kryptonie - l'agence couleur.


Le Design

Depuis mon adolescence je me passionne pour tous ce qui touche au design d'intérieur, à l'architecture et au design graphique. Je possède plusieurs livres sur le sujet et je ne ratte jamais une occasion de visiter les salons du design.

La nature

J'habite dans la forêt entourée par ce que la vie a de plus magnifique à offrir et je trouves la majorité de mes idées pendant mes marches de l'après-midi. Pour moi Dame Nature est l'artiste la plus talentueuse qui soit!

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